A strong commitment to environmental, social and corporate responsibility.

Our projects offer long-term economic, social and environmental benefits to the communities they serve. These days we are all more conscious of the social and economic consequences of our actions, and the impact on our environment.

That trend is becoming increasingly important to emerging generations. In years to come, we want our legacy to be that we made a genuine contribution to creating responsible, forward thinking and sustainable communities.

To that end, we are continually looking for ways improve our sustainability practices to reflect the evolving expectations of our current stakeholders – development partners, club members, residents and purchasers – and those who will follow.

At a project level, the range of initiatives will be developed through our consultation process and tailored to suit the unique nature of each development – its physical environment, infrastructure, facilities and community.

At a corporate level, Pariter participates in Plenary’s dedicated Sustainability Leadership Group, responsible for developing and implementing the Group’s environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) commitments.

Environmental Responsibility

We are continually looking for ways to reduce energy usage, cut carbon emissions, increase recycling and reduce waste in our offices and projects.

Project initiatives include solar power, electric vehicle charging stations, preservation of green spaces including significant mature trees, extensive planting of trees, plants and shrubs.

Plenary’s Asia Pacific business, which includes Pariter, is a certified carbon neutral organisation following certification of our 2020 and 2021 operations against the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard – one of the most rigorous carbon neutral certification and reporting processes in the world.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Reconciliation is a journey for all Australians … as individuals, organisations and communities.

We all have a role to play when it comes to reconciliation and, when we play our part, we collectively build communities that value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ histories, cultures and futures.

Since having its Reflect RAP Action Plan formally endorsed by Reconciliation Australia in November 2020, Plenary Group is proud to be a member of the Reconciliation Action Plan program.

Through this commitment, we appreciate and embrace the need for mutual recognition from the organisations we partner with to deliver and manage our projects.

Social Responsibility

When working with clubs and community organisations, we look for sponsorship and fundraising opportunities to support the broader communities in which our projects exist.

Pariter is a contributor to the Property Industry Foundation and participates in regular events to help PIF raise funds to tackle youth homelessness.

We proudly match every dollar our employees make in sanctioned donations to charity.

Corporate Governance Responsibility

We are committed to creating a respectful environment that values and celebrates workplace diversity and inclusion. This extends from our offices to our projects and site and community interactions.

Attracting, retaining and developing the best industry professionals is vital to our future and we recognise that diversity and inclusion improve the performance of an organisation.

In Australia, the wider Plenary Group is a contributing member of Diversity Council Australia:

• Recognised as an Inclusive Employer 2021-2022 in recognition of our benchmark-exceeding results for diversity and inclusion measures achieved in DCA’s 2021-2022 Inclusion@Work Index.

• David Lamming (Pariter Director and Plenary’s Asia Pacific CEO) is a signatory of DCA's #IStandForRespect campaign, a pledge to stand against gendered harassment and violence in all forms.

• A multi-year supporter of the Not In My Workplace Respect@Work summit, advocating that leadership and culture are essential for safe and respectful workplaces.

We also track and report our performance in accordance with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012, and publicly report to Workplace Gender Equality Agency annually.